Vintage Dining Chair

Vintage Dining Chair


The Vintage Dining Chair is made out a synthetic, durable leather that is durable and can be easily cleaned.


Please note: Stock only available in the WESTERN CAPE

Polyurethane Material

The Vintage Dining Chair is made out of polyurethane material, which is a synthetic leather that is durable and they are easy to be cleaned. The chair can easily be washed or wiped in the event that you, your children or a guest accidentally spills a drink or makes a stain.

Colour Availability

Vintage Dining Chair is available in Grey and Brown, depending on what colour you looking for to match your Dining Room.

Brown: HY-7401B

Grey: HY-7401G


The dimensions of the Vintage Dining Chair are l47cm x 37cm.

You could fit about 6 chairs comfortably around a dining table or even 8 people, depending on the size of the dining table.

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