Kenwood White Can Opener CO600

Kenwood White Can Opener CO600


The Kenwood Can Opener has non-slip feet and it is more than just a can opener, it triples as a bottle opener and a knife sharpener.


3 In 1 Apparatus

Apart from the ability to open cans of all shapes and sizes, up to 1.2 kg, the Kenwood White Can Opener also has a knife sharpening apparatus as well as a bottle opener.

Magnetic Can Opener

Once the can has been opened, you can remove the can and the lid which has been removed will stay attached, as the can opener has a lid retaining magnet, which prevents you from cutting yourself or the struggle that you face when you have opened the tin but the lid stays inside the can and you struggle to remove it.

Non-Slip Feet

Non-slip feet prevent the can opener from falling off the counter especially if you have children running around the kitchen.


The dimensions of the Kenwood White Can Opener are 235mm x 135mm x 135mm.

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