Genessi Bella Claire Luxury Plush Three Quarter Bed Set

Genessi Bella Claire Luxury Plush Three Quarter Bed Set


The Genessi Bella Claire Luxury Plush Three Quarter Bed Set has a luxuriously plush pillow top design with a unique combination of TempaGel and foam layers which incorporate ActiveAir aeration technology. Supports up to 160kg per person.


  • Max 160kg per person
  • No-Turn mattress
  • Plush comfort feel
  • W 107cm x L 188cm
  • 3-year guarantee & 25-year warranty


The Genessi Bella Claire Luxury Plush Three Quarter Bed Set has foam layers that incorporate ActiveAir aeration technology. By using micro air channels, which are uniformly punched through the comfort layers, thermal regulating and hygienic properties are improved through effective airflow, ensuring an optimal sleeping environment.

Memory Foam Gel

Genessi has infused climate control memory foam and hydrogel beads to create TempaGel that aid in the dissipation of heat out of the mattress. Regulating the climate conditions for the ultimate personalized comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support.

Plush Mattress

The Genessi Bella Claire Luxury Plush Three Quarter Bed Set has a plush mattress, that has a soft surface which provides you with extra cushioning. Plush mattresses are great for those who sleep on their side or back, because it supports and conforms to your body in most sleeping positions. If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism or scoliosis, then this padded plush mattress will be a good option to consider.

Benefits Of Genessi Beds

Genessi mattresses have no moving parts, meaning that your mattress is super durable and won’t lose its elasticity. With the open-cell structure of the foam, your mattress is able to breathe and thereby eliminating moisture retention and making it more hygienic than most other mattresses.

Unique combinations of foam will conform to the shape of your body in any sleeping position, ensuring a better posture throughout the night. Reduced pressure against your body’s pressure points will allow better blood circulation and less tossing and turning.

Foam in a Genessi mattress has natural absorbency properties which means that any movement from your partner will be absorbed and not transferred, so you will wake up when you want to and not every time your partner moves.

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